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Philips no-burn iron Campaign

the brief

Philips invented an innovative product i.e the No burn technology of the Philips perfect care steam iron and it’s objective is to increase market penetration,raise awareness of this hero product,drive trial to achieve net sales target of €1m and sell-in additional 2500 pcs of the Philips Perfect Care Steam iron in Nigeria and Ghana.

the Challenge

  • It is expensive, a product selling between € 81.10 – €86.49 per unit compared to other steam irons in the market (Selling between €22.71 & €35.69).
  • It was introduced into the market during COVID 19, a period no one was thinking about dressing up and going out.
  • The product was just recovering from a failed launch campaign.
  • People were unfamiliar with the no-burn technology, The big question however is how do we meet out target despite these challenges?
  • our Solution

  • we kicked off the no-burn campaign with a conversation centered around the various emotions people undergo when they burn their clothes using ordinary steam irons.
  • the no-burn iron was introduced as the solution to burnt clothes, by calling out scenarios while we positioned this product as the Hero.
  • We then introduced a video in Nigeria where an A-list influencer who is known for his sharp looks dramatized the features of the no-burn iron using a sensitive item (his daughter’s infiated balloon) and another video in Ghana with a Micro influencer showing the product in use.
  • Knowing fully well that an offer works wonders, we then announced a gift to the first 400 buyers of the no-burn iron online and offline with our retail partners.
  • And then we engaged a 24/7 community management team that resolved online buying issues,or queries as regards shopping for the product.
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