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Coca Cola 1 litre  Mama di mama Campaign

the brief

  • Ride on existing brand assets to build anticipation for 1Litre pack.
  • Create new avenues of product placement and affinity growth
  • Do these by celebrating mums and encouraging consumers to enjoy meals with Coca-Cola.
  • Journey Insight

    Mothers are always at the center of our lives. Just as the new Coke 1 Litre MAMA pack should always be at the center of our dining tables during family mealtimes

    the idea

    Mama Di Mama is a hailing cry to mothers who bring families together for good meals and intimate moments.

    the result

    • Over 800 million impressions online.
    • Over 2 million views on brand owned accounts
    • over 3 millions earned media views.

    we are good with mums

    coca-cola ePL sponsorship announcement (LEGGO NAIJA)

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