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Butter mint lockdown awards Campaign

the challenge

During the lockdown, a lot of people took social media to
distract themselves from the current reality.
This created an opportunity for a new wave of content creators
and better content from existing online influencers, who provided
the much needed escape from the current reality.
Buttermint saw a need to celebrate these content creators.

what we did

Buttermint decided to host the BUTTERMINT LOCKDOWN AWARDS
to appreciate and celebrate these creative people as well as reward it’s engaging fans.
We made an environment on our instagram page of the upcoming online awards,followed by a series of posts with the names of the nominees in each category-6 categories in total each day. Fans were required to vote their favourite personality in each category on our stories daily.
And tag their friends to participate for extended reach and engagement.
All of the posts gained traction organically.

the result

Reach: 4,941
Reach: 1,055

full service creative agency, butter-mint
full service creative agency, Butter mint

Butter mint lockdown awards

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